Meet Our Pastor

David Terrance Conner, M.D.

David Terrance Conner, M.D., is the Senior Pastor of The Way Church of  memphis. This God-called vessel having a true prophetic voice, has been given the assignment to administer healing both spiritually as a lead pastor but professionally as one of the areas most respected surgeons and physicians. By his side, is his love and anointed wife, Lady Kemmashela, Ed.D., who is a widely respected administrator in education where she cultivates teams, promote educational leadership and curriculum development.

Dr. Conner brings together relevance and revelation in ways that are unique.  The Way Church of Memphis attracts the unchurched, the unattached, and instills foundational knowledge and truth.  Dr. Conner is not only regarded for his advanced training and skillset, but for his prominent blend of professional excellence and genuine dedication to the well-being, progression and betterment of others. These and other qualities are responsible for such designations that he received such as the 2012 commendation of Doctor of the Year, selected by patients and fellow physicians.

His character and performance coupled with being trained in Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery at Yale University make him one of the most sought after physicians in the country.  Dr. Conner completed his undergraduate study at Christian Brothers University and received his Medical Doctorate from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine, graduating from each with Magna Cum Laude designations. He is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and currently serves as the Vice Chief of Staff at Baptist Hospital.

Dr. Conner is dedicated to teaching, serving and mentoring others. He offers countless hours developing and aiding others. Consistent with these same qualities Dr. Conner is also an entrepreneur and visionary.